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Federation Internationale Feline
Estonian Breeders
Whitish Cattery - British Shorthair Cats from Estonia
Breeders from Other Countries
San-Fe Cattery, exotic and persian cats
Nipsu Nappulan Cattery, exotic and persian cats
Nostri Vincent
IxiDixi's Persians and Exotics
Noblessa Cattery Boggie's Persians
Jerba Nicol Cattery, exotic and persian cats
Anitwas Cattery, himalayan and exotic
Korvik's Persians
Ormeryds Cats
Cattery De Will-Cats, exotic shortahair cats Simmur Cattery, exotic shortahair cats
Dega-Bulu Exotics
Miro Cattery
Sipora Persians
Bartel's Persians and Exotics
Nunza Exotics Miwian Persians

La Encina
Iwanda Persians
Saranda's Persians and Exotics
Malinka Cattery, exotic and persian cats
Sorrentina Cattery
Ritmo de Alisa Cattery
Lisa-Light Cattery, persian and exotic cats
Liona Mau
Zolotoy Elf
Cattery Kinnley
Tinafeld Persians

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